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 Twilight RPG registration

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PostSubject: Twilight RPG registration   Twilight RPG registration Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2008 10:36 am

This is were you post your charecter. and you have to wait until I say you can play.
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PostSubject: Re: Twilight RPG registration   Twilight RPG registration Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 7:53 pm

--Raliconia prefers Rali
--Rali has short brownish black hair. She has beautiful golden eyes and loves being a vampire. Rali is medium height and fairly skinny. She has a blue and black magnetic bracelet which is her signature style.
--Twilight RPG registration AsB_Aaby_
--Bio: She was orginally from Seattle but moved to Phoenix when she was ten. Rali was 16 when she was changed into a vampire by one of her best friends. She didn't know at the time that her BFF was a vampire and spend a little too much time with him. She lives with Marc (her best friend) in Forks. They attend Forks High School and live in the outskirts of town. Rali loves wearing pale colors and her favorite colors are pale blue, yellow and pink. She misses her parents a lot but with Marc's help has a great time. She doesn't mind being with humans and can resist their blood. Some werewolves get on her nerves but if they are kind to her, they can be awesome friends.

--Marc De Shance
Marc is a very entertaining guy. He picks on Rali a lot and kids around with her. This envolves stealing her pencils, paper, clothes and things like that. He is tall, with blondish brown hair. Golden eyed vampire. A veggie Vampire to be exact.
--Bio: Marc was wandering Camrose, his hometown when he met a vampire who was drawn to his blood. Being the gracious vampire she was changed him. She didn't mean to, she meant to kill him. After his 3 days in agoney he killed the vampire and left. He never did go home and his family gave up on finding him. He left for Phoenix and met Rali. The two became best friends and Rali constantly hung out with him. He soon realized that Rali was his la tua cantante. When he told her about his secret she agreed to become a vampire and leave Phoenix with him. The two moved to Forks and have taken Marc's last name becoming a family.
Like and Dislikes:He loves being around Rali. She doesn't take things really serious and neither does Marc. He is well dressed and doesn't dress like a gangster. His jeans aren't baggy thanks to Rali and her loving taste in clothes. He hates it when guys call him a wimp considering he isn't one. His taste for werewolves isn't great. Rali is much bravier when it comes to that. Anyone who hurts Rali will be a dead man so don't mess with her or him.

Okay done my sketch. Enjoy!
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PostSubject: Re: Twilight RPG registration   Twilight RPG registration Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2008 2:51 pm

Name: Elizabeth
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Descriton: 5'7 long red hair and fearless and has the power of telepathy so don't piss her off

Twilight RPG registration Anime3

Biography she is an orphan and was left for the dead on the streets are her dad beat her near death and carisle changed her and brought her to forks she has no job and is vegitarian she just takes it one day at a time.

Twilight RPG registration Twilight

Twilight is a girls dream
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PostSubject: Re: Twilight RPG registration   Twilight RPG registration Icon_minitimeTue Mar 25, 2008 4:44 pm

---Karistella Jaylena Flaw
---Karistella is 16 and has 3 nickname's Ella, Kris, and KJ. She likes KJ best. She's happy almost all the time unless you try to control her in any way at all. She has a great sense of humor and laughs at herself alot. She's headstrong and confident and sly. She could be smart if she wanted to be but she doesn't so she's not.She's unpredictable and random. She's also a clutz. She's brave and stands up for her friends. When she's pissed everyone knows it and knows not to mess with her because either way someone's gonna get hurt. She doesn't remember anything from the before the time she found out she was a werewolf. Plus she's dreadfully afraid of being alone and doesn't like meeting new people. She's deadfully afraid of the past and aything related to it. She's OK with Vampires. She has long waist length whitish grey hair and for some reason never got the werewolfs skin tone. Her big purpleish black eye's are odd and she has one tatoo around her elbow(on picture) and a barcode over a brand. She also wears a collar with two bells on it but only because she cant get it off. As a werewolf she can out run Sam and out fight Paul. Plus she's extremely agile. Sure she's over 99.9% just impulse and edrenaline and once she runs out of adrenaline she's back to her human clutziness and is only average speed and less than average strength but that's ok right?? Still she hates herself because of what she is and desprately tries to avoid it, but as her health gets worse her werewolf side is fighting harder to get loose.

---Twilight RPG registration Illusion_of_life

Wolf Side-- Twilight RPG registration SilverWhiteWolf
She has markings like that all over her body.

---The only thing she remembers of her past is pain and being in a cage. They just come back in flashes that cripple her emotionally but she doesn't show it the only one that knows about them is Devian(I'll be making his thingy later). She's in Forks/La Push because she's fallowing her Family that consists of 1 Vampire(Faux), a 1/2 vampire 1/2 werewolf (Chance), and anouther werewolf(Devian).We lived between Forks and La Push for 1 year so far. I go to La Push school and I don't work I just hang out with the La Push wolves after school. Which over time she grew fasinated about the stories of Jacob and he's all she wants to hear about. Everyonne thinks she's dating Devian because their together all the time but she isn't. Luckyly she's only dangerous when she's pissed.
---She's running away from a past that's essental for her survival. Because deep down she knows she's dying and only in the past will she find the cure. But what would you do when all you remeber of the past is blood, pain, a cage, a VERY tight cage, and darkness. But if she wants to live past 20 she's going to have to accept her werewolf side AND a past that will reveal what she needs to do to save her future.

---Devian Silvermouth Flaw
---Devian is 18 years old. He stands at a hieght of 6'7 and is still growing. His purple hair has kinda a layered look and is shoulder lenght is skin is slightly dark. His eye's is the best part of him their mezmerizing greenish blue that alway seem on the brink of tears. A collar with a brocken chain around it is around his neck and like Karistella he can't take it off. He's a real bad ass to people who aren't his friends and tends to be a jerk to even his friends. His sense of humor isn't the normal persons cause he enjoys playing pranks and laughs alot at others expense. He's extremely protective of everyone of his friends but more so of Karistella since she refuses to protect herself. He hates it when people even say his middle name and so he'll get in your face for it. People think he can never be seroius because he's always goofing off and trying to impress someone(especially Karistella) but he can...on rare occassion be extremely serious and a good listener. He imprinted on Karistella which every now and then puts him in a bad mood because most of the time it seems like she doesn't care. He hates going slow and is afriad of lightbulbs, peacocks, cows, and needles. The thing he hates the most in the whole entire world is VAMPIRES. When he's a werewolf he messes around and thinks its just a game which is how he received the scar over his eye from Chance. He's fast and strong but again he doesn't think before he acts.

---Twilight RPG registration Animeboy

Wolf side---Twilight RPG registration Wolf2-1

---He came from the same place KJ came from but isn't afraid of it and has accepted it so he's helping KJ threw it and sympathizes with her. He watched his family die in that place and remebers every beating the vampires gave him in detail and still has nightmare's about it.The Volturi is what they called the place. Every toture and the name's of the people that tortured him are still as clear as the second they happened.In that place is were he met KJ he immediatly imprinted her and has protected and been there for her ever since. He fallowed Chance the strange girl that saved him and KJ here because all Chance wanted in return was their company so he fallowed. You probally read about the family in KJ's KJ's bio but I'll repeat it anouther werewolf(KJ), 1/2 werewolf 1/2 vampire (Chance), and a vampire(Faux). I've never gotten along with Fax, not even 1 second of the 3 years I've been with them. We live in the middle of Forks and La Push and we have been there for 1 year. I'm on my senior year a La Push and I switch jobs alot for bad behavior but I do work. Right now I'm working in the gerocery store. The only good part about it is that KJ can chill here alot more than anywhere else. So I enjoy it because I imprinted on her. I really want to date her but I can't find a way to ask her. I'm alot more dangerous than KJ but she tames me.
---I'm living with the species I hate the most so if I don't want to get the crap beaten out of me by the leader of the house Chance I have to learn to behave. KJ is also a problem, she makes me feel like a love sick puppy. The nightmares that keep me up every night suck. Everything I fear is also a set back because I fear the simplest things

---Faux Lou Flaw
---Faux is 17...well lets just say he looks 17. With his short, shaggy, and messy blood red hair, gorgously light skin and percing blood red eye's even though he doesn't try to make them look cruel but they still do. He's deadfully skinny and stands at 6'3. He's lazy and always bored. It's impossible to get him excited. but every now and them a meracle happens and he'll smile....a little. He's mute but people don't understand that and think he's just stuck up and that's why he doesn't talk to anyone but that's not true. So most of the time he carries around a notebook to answer any direct questions to him. Most of the time he has a blank stare on his eyes. He doesn't care what people think about him he just wants to live his life the way he does. Everyone else could just disappear and he wouldn't care. He's a passionate artist and that's all he cares for. He's obsessed with candy and most of the time you'll see him chewing or sucking on something. He's super smart and always thinking of all the possible solutions to anything and everything. The only thing he hates is werewolves. The only thing he love's is art. The only thing he fears is himself.

---Twilight RPG registration Addazk1wx3

---When he was a human he could talk perfectly but not alot. Cause his parents didn't allow him to. Since he always spoke his always logical mind his parents didn't want to hear him AT ALL. When they did they beat him. So one day he got fed up with it and tried. That's when he met the little family.
He's here because though he hates the werewolves he wants to learn to control himself. He wants to be a better person...and I use the word 'person' lightly. I already told you multiple times who the family was but I guess I gotta say it again. Two werewolves(Devian,Karistella), and a vampire werewolf hybrid(Chance). They have been here for a year and he has alreadylearned alot about control. He works as an at home novelist and illustrator. He isn't in love....yet. He feels he doesn't have time for it. He goes to Forks High school and they live in the middle of Forks and La Push.
Chance changed him. She was in town and was drawn to his house by him for some reason. His parents were beating him for standing up to them and they would have killed him if Chance wouldn't have invited herself and the gang in. It was actually funny. Devian rammed himself threw the door and onto Faux. Scaring him half to death. Then guess what in confusion Devian took off a chunk of Faux's shoulder. While Chance and KJ took out mom and dad. Chance went human quickly and seemed like she knew what she was doing. By this time Faux didn't have enough stengh or breath to scream. He just layed there as Chance in vampire form bit his upper right peck. I've always hated being a Vampire because of the lack of control. My power was extreme logic and being mute. What I mean by logic is when I look at a problem I immediatly know the answer. I'm only slightly dangerous. But I desperatly try not to be.
---His conflict is being mute not being able to talk to people and having his stubborness and lack of ambition tends to be a MAJOR problem.

---1/2 Vampire 1/2 Werewolf
---Chance Fallen Grace Flaw
---Chance looks 17 but she can't even recall how old she is but all in all she doesn't care. She has knee length bright neon blue hair and the lightest skin you'll ever see. Her eye's that no one will ever see unless it's the last thing they see are dull yellow. She stands at a height of 5'7 and is really skinny though she eats more than every where wolf in La Push. Her eye's are covered with a blindfold to prevent her power from escaping. She's protective and rough. Her moods change minutely and is unpredictable. Wild and uncontrolable. She's a daredevil and isn't afraid of anything. Being bold and head strong is what she's known for and she never backs down from a fight. She hates alot of things and likes most of the same things. But it takes alot to get her to love things. She trusts no one but herself so you can see her whisper to herself alot. The reason she can walk around with the blindfold on is because of her werewolf sense's Extreme hearing, touch, and smell. She wouldn't mind being what she is if it didn't give her pain in random intervals. So everynow and then she collapses in pain. In her werewolf form she's the fastest and strongest you'll ever see because her half blood but that pain that sometime's come's still affects her.

--- Twilight RPG registration 1196288030_eriousPunk

Wolf Side--- Twilight RPG registration Wolf_3

---She chose to forget her past because her family didn't want her. They absolutely hated her and they hated each other. All she chose to remember was the time she spent working from the Volturi now she's running away from them.
She chose Forks as her safe haven because of the Cullens I mean they seem to be bold enough to avoid the Volturi so maybe they can help her and her clan Faux, Karistella, and Devian. They have taken a place in the middle of La Push and Forks and have lived there for a year so far. She works with the Newspaper as a photographer(hahaha) and she's a dam good one. She isn't inlove yet and isn't even looking yet. She was born a half breed and enjoys being what she is cause she doesn't see a point in hating herself anymore...just hating her mom and dad seems more logical to her. She's a vegetarian but that isn't hard for her because half of her doesn't need the blood. She goes to Forks high with her brother Faux. SHe's dangerous when she wants to be but most of the time she's just fighting herself.
---There's a continuous fight with in her because of what she is and sometimes that fight cause's her to colapse at random and sometime's inconvenient time's.
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Twilight RPG registration
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