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 Harry Potter Registration

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PostSubject: Harry Potter Registration   Harry Potter Registration Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2008 9:31 am

This is Harry Potter.

Again it's simple.

Take this quiz to find out where you belong. http://www.brainfall.com/test25_R.php

But you must wait till I approve you.

Now here's what you need:

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PostSubject: Re: Harry Potter Registration   Harry Potter Registration Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2008 7:56 pm

Name:Blaire Laforest
:6th year
:Half Blood
Harry Potter Registration F307859f
:Favorite spells: Expeliarmus, Expecto Patronum and lumos. (sp?)
:Personality:Blaire is really outgoing and gets in trouble a lot with her best friend Stefan. They love having fun and get annyoing when they are in the common room.
:Appearances: She has long black hair which she usually wears in half-pig-tails. When she isn't attending classes her favorite clothes are her black sparkly ballet flats, black leggings, short black skirt and a fancy shirt.
:Bio: Her mom is a witch but Blaire isn't sure what her father was as he left when she was little. When she was 11 she got her Hogwarts Acceptance Letter and her mom was so happy because Blaire's older sister isn't a witch. Her mom took her to Diagon Alley and bought Blaire a snowy owl for Blaire's birthday. Blaire went to platform 9 and 3/4 and got on the Hogwarts Express and met Lilic Bulverag and Stefan Voneit. Blaire and Stefan became best friend's immediatly. Lilic, Stefan and Blaire are pretty close but Lilic is in Hufflepuff and Stefan and Blaire aren't. They are both in Ravenclaw. Stefan and Blaire cause havoic in the common room and often get detentions together, mostley from Snape. She knows how to do a patronus spell and it takes the form of an otter.

Name: Stefan Voneit
:6th year
:Pure Blood
Harry Potter Registration 1135670529_Guys0209191
:Favorite Spells: Pefectus Totalius (sp?), and alohamora (sp?)
:Personality: Causes so much trouble with Blaire. Stefan is outgoing and loves goofing around.
:Appearance: He has blondish brown hair with gorgeous blue eyes like Blaire. He doesn't like wearing baggy clothes, most of his stuff is tailored and bought at very expensive places. He spends more time in his Hogwarts clothes than anything else.
:Bio: He lives with his mom and dad, both are wizards. His mom works at the ministry while his dad runs a shop in Diagon Alley. He did get his acceptance letter when he was 11 (otherwise why would he be here?) and was really excited. He met Blaire on the train and they have been friends ever since. He is in Ravenclaw with Blaire and cause havoic where ever they go. Blaire is trying to teach him to produce a patronus spell but he really doesn't want to learn. He was put in charge of controlling Blaire's caotic nature but that didn't work.

~Name: Natalia or Natie
~Harry Potter Registration Animegurl2
~Age: 16
~Year: 6th
~Blood: Pure
~House: Gryffindor
~Spells: Stupefy, and Protego
~Patronus: Sparrow
~Personality: She can get tempermental if you really tick her off otherwise she is a very soft girl. She is really good at conjouring spells. She hates playing Qudditch but doesn't mind watching it with her Classmates.
~Appearance: She has brown hair with blonde highlights and brown eyes. Her hair sometimes hangs loosly around her head or it is in a sloppy ponytail like in the picture. She is really beautiful and has a magical voice which has a sweet tone to it. She is soft spoken unless you tick her off. She usally wears red dresses which are sparkly because they are her favorite. Her favorite subject is Transfiguration and she is really good at it.
~Bio: Her parents are both wizards and they are really good at what they do. Natie got her letter to attend Hogwarts but her sister Mara-Louise was accepted into The Beuxbaxton Academy in France. So Natie went to Hogwarts and Mara went to the Academy.

Lol. I don't know what else to say. Except beware. You do not want to tick this chick off. I can say I warned you. **I can't believe I am saying this but, All you Slytherins out there be careful, she has more to her than meets the eye.**
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PostSubject: Re: Harry Potter Registration   Harry Potter Registration Icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2008 10:12 am



Rose n Bloom

sept 30, 1992

Harry Potter Registration Witch-3

she is very outgoing and clumsy she loves magic

She is an orphan that lives anywhere her parents were killed the first time voldemort reigned but now that he is dead she is relived and wants to find a place to live

Harry Potter Registration Twilight

Twilight is a girls dream
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Harry Potter Registration
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